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FLIGHT values

The FLIGHT programme offers full support at every step of your innovative journey - from brainstorming and developing a business model to financing and a successful market launch. It gives you access to a valuable network, allowing you to grow not only professionally but also personally. Targeted workshops and events also enable you to develop your entrepreneurial skills. The programme focuses on practice-oriented learning through individual feedback, pitch training and mentoring. It also offers the flexibility to set individual focus areas according to your interests and needs through optional modules, thus promoting the diversity and individuality of each participant.

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These people benefit from FLIGHT

FLIGHT target group

People interested in founding a company, existing founders & startups

The FLIGHT programme is aimed at a wide range of entrepreneurial people who want to turn their ideas and projects into reality. In addition to people interested in founding a company who have an idea but don't know where to start, the programme also addresses founders and startups who are ready to take their business models to the next level.

Companies with spin-off projects and owners of traditional businesses

The FLIGHT programme is also aimed at companies that want to launch a spin-off project to tap into new markets. Another target group are craft and service companies, i.e. owners of traditional businesses who are looking for innovative solutions to diversify their offerings and adapt them to changing customer needs.

FLIGHT process

The 4 phases

(1 ) The application phase for the FLIGHT programme starts on 01.03.2024. Interested parties with a business idea can register directly and easily via this application form.


(2 ) No idea yet? No problem! Take advantage of our FLIGHT Ideas Dayon 28 March 2024 to get inspiration and support for developing ideas. Participation is of course free of charge.


(3 ) The application deadline for the FLIGHT programme is 31.03.2024, followed by a one-week selection phase. During this phase, all applications received will be carefully reviewed. Selected applicants will then receive an email confirming their successful admission to the programme.


(4 ) The FLIGHT programme itself will then take place from 09.04.2024 to 26.06.2024 and comprises several phases including mandatory and optional events, input sessions, pitch training and a final finale with award ceremony.


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The FLIGHT programme begins with the Takeoff, where participants present their business ideas in a three-minute pitch and have the opportunity to make valuable contacts. In the first module, "business & strategy", participants learn how to develop business strategies and design products with the customer in mind. In addition, there will be a keynote speech on the topic of intrapreneurship .


The understanding of the market and competition is deepened in order to strategically develop target markets and identify competitive advantages. In the "business model" module, participants will learn how to develop robust business models and pricing strategies. Teamwork and an introduction to digital tools are also on the programme, as are the legal basics of corporate management. Pitch training prepares participants for the half-time presentation, where they have five minutes to present their progress. The jury then selects the finalists for the final round.


Please note: Participation in the programme days up to the half-time presentation is voluntary.However, the activity and commitment of the participants will be included in the assessment for the selection of the finalists, which means that active participation can contribute to success in the programme.

Your way to the final

The first module after the mid-term presentation is a prototyping workshop in which the finalists develop and test their prototypes, supported by professional feedback and individual mentoring.


The programme continues with a module on self-organisation and leadership, followed by an optional usability testing session to evaluate the user-friendliness of the developed prototypes. In the area of financing , participants acquire knowledge about financing strategies, subsidies and company valuation, supplemented by optional, individual counselling sessions.


Data protection, IP law & patents are then on the programme to create a sound understanding of legal aspects in entrepreneurship, also with the option of individual consultations. The marketing & sales module teaches strategies for market development, customer acquisition and effective use of social media, supplemented by individual mentoring. An optional social impact games evening promotes networking and a playful approach to social innovation.


Preparation for the grand finale includes intensive pitch training to prepare the finalists as well as possible for their final presentations. The programme culminates in the final, where the participants present their projects to the jury and the public, with the chance to win prize money totalling €10,000 as well as other attractive prizes.

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Questions about the FLIGHT application phase

From 01.03.2024 to 31.03.2024 inclusive.

The FLIGHT programme is designed for a wide group of entrepreneurial-minded people who want to drive forward and realise their ideas and projects.Also for those who have traditional professions at their core but are open to innovation and want to develop business strategies for the future viability of their company.You can participate alone or as a team.

Simply fill in the application form on the Startbahn27 website.

The precondition for participating in FLIGHT is to have a business idea.If you are interested but don't have one yet, you can take part in our FLIGHT Ideas Day on 28 March 2024 to develop ideas.

Questions about the FLIGHT Ideas Day

The Idea Day is an optional part of the FLIGHT programme, especially for those who are interested in self-employment but have not yet developed a concrete business idea.

It will take place on Thursday, 28 March 2024 from 09:00 - 15:00 at StudyFAB Schweinfurt (Keßlergasse 2).

It is aimed at anyone who is considering becoming self-employed but is still looking for the right business idea.

The FLIGHT Ideas Day starts with a welcome and an introduction to the basics of idea generation to prepare participants for a creative journey.This will be followed by presentations from entrepreneurs and a discussion of real-life problems from practice to provide valuable inspiration.Various methods for generating ideas will be presented to enable participants to develop innovative solutions.The day ends with a final and feedback round that gives participants the opportunity to share their insights and reflect together.This structure not only encourages dialogue, but also provides impetus for future projects and ideas.

Participants will gain insights into the variety of opportunities to become self-employed & learn from successful entrepreneurs.The presentation and application of idea generation methods also offers concrete assistance in developing your own ideas.

Questions about the FLIGHT selection phase

From 01.04.2024 to 05.04.2024.

During this phase, all applications received are carefully reviewed by the FLIGHT team.Selected applicants then receive a letter of acceptance to participate in the FLIGHT programme.

Once the selection has been made, the FLIGHT team informs the selected participants by e-mail about their successful inclusion in the programme.

Yes, after receiving confirmation, selected participants are expected to officially confirm their participation in a timely manner to secure their place on the programme.

Questions about the FLIGHT Programme

The FLIGHT programme starts with the TAKEOFF on 09.04.2024 and ends with the FINALE on 26.06.2024. During this time, weekly meetings will take place, enabling participants to work continuously on their projects, exchange ideas and benefit from expert feedback.

It includes several phases including mandatory and optional events, input sessions, pitch training and a final finale with an award ceremony.

The FLIGHT programme offers face-to-face events as well as hybrid and online options.Which type is involved is indicated on each programme day.Online options always take place via Zoom.The link will be sent to participants in advance.

The FLIGHT programme is mainly held in German, including workshops, lectures and events.However, individual sessions, mentoring or even presentations and pitches can be held in English.

For the first phase up to the HALF-TIME PITCH, participation in the events is voluntary.However, your activity will be included in the assessment for the selection of finalists.As a finalist, you are expected to take part in all modules after the HALF-TIME PITCH.Team participation does not necessarily require the entire team to be present at each module, as long as at least one team member participates.There are also optional dates, which have no influence on non-attendance, but your activity is of course always welcome.

Of course!The FLIGHT team is also available to you as a contact person and coach between modules.You can arrange 1:1 sessions to clarify questions and discuss progress free of charge.We are happy to be there for you.

Yes, participation in the FLIGHT programme, including all dates, is free of charge for all participants.There is also the opportunity to win prize money totalling 10,000 € and other prizes.

FLIGHT Programme

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